Monday, October 10, 2016

HFC awarded Private Infrastructure Champion for MOTS at 3rd annual Engineering Excellence Awards

Paul Meyer, Executive Director for ACEC California and Kelly Garman, ACEC California’s legislative advocate, attended the 3rd Annual Engineering Excellence Celebration, held in Napa, California and hosted by the members of the ACEC California North Coast Chapter.

Amidst a close community of leaders, public officials, developers, consulting firms and ACEC CA members, local engineering projects were highlighted and individuals were honored because of their strong support of infrastructure.

In recognition of service to the chapter, industry and the community, the following achievement awards were given:
Infrastructure Champion Award – Lifetime: Doug Bosco
Infrastructure Champion Award – Public Official: Valerie Brown
Infrastructure Champion Award –Public Owner: Rick Moshier, City of Santa Rosa
Infrastructure Champion Award –Private Owner: Hugh Futrell, Hugh Futrell Corporation
Exceptional Engineer Emeritus: Dick Carlile
Exceptional Engineer Emeritus: Jack Macy
Member of the Year Award: Doug Donmon, Dimensions 4 Engineering
Project of the Year Award: Hunters View Project (Carlile Macy, John Stewart Company)
Design/Build Project Special Award: Berryessa Resort Water/Wastewater System Improvements Project (Summit Engineering, Napa Berryessa Resort Improvement District)
Community Service Award: Napa 9/11 Memorial Project (Summit Engineering, City of Napa)

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