About Hugh Futrell Corporation

The communities we live in are more than roads and utility lines, buildings and yards, fences and sidewalks. A community is a place that helps make life worth living--not for a few, not for some, but for all.

Each building, each subdivision, each development either adds to or subtracts from the richness of community life. It makes the community a better place--or a worse one.

Developers and builders have a moral responsibility. We have an obligation to demand good design, and to work inside urban boundaries--not sprawl across agricultural lands. We have a duty to protect and strengthen old neighborhoods and create true and vital new neighborhoods.

We have a responsibility to help make city centers thrive; to attend to the social needs of the community; to make it easier for our customers to live near where they work, and for their living and work environments to be worth living and working in.

At Hugh Futrell Corporation we define our success by how well we meet these responsibilities.